1. Try to limit carbohydrates to no more than 30 grams in one sitting.
  2. Eat more vegetables.
  3. Choose whole foods as often as possible; less than five ingredients is ideal, and more than ten ingredients is a red flag.
  4. Cook your own food.
  5. Avoid sugar, white bread/potatoes/rice/pasta, crackers, chips, candy, and anything fried.
  6. Snack on nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, and lean sources of protein.
  7. Drink water or unsweetened tea.
  8. Eat a filling breakfast (protein, fiber) and ideally nothing within 90 minutes of bedtime.
  9. Eat fruit for dessert, when desired.
  10. Check your blood sugar 90-120 minutes after eating.

This list is a lot to tackle in our modern food environment, and a “perfect” day where you follow all ten strategies takes work!


Excerpt from Adam Brown
Image by Vidmir Raic from Pixabay