Alicia G.

Great, accurate meter for a low price! Just found out I’m prediabetic and per my doctor recommendation I need to start watching my glucose levels and diet. Great little kit with everything I needed to start for a low price. I wanted to see how accurate it was so I brought it with me to my appointment this morning to compare the results at the doctor’s office and they were almost exactly the same. For the price, this is a great meter!


Simple and Effective for 1st-time User. I just learned I’m pre-diabetic. So this is my first fore into testing blood glucose levels. It is a new experience and I was apprehensive about this whole testing thing. After getting the kit, I read the instruction booklet, which is extremely detailed and precise. I watched an online video on the process (done by the manufacturer). This made a vast difference being able to smoothly watch the whole test process from initial setup to blood testing. I was quite relieved, then – and confident this was a fairly simple process.

Everything went exactly as the instruction and booklet described. The meter worked perfectly and showed my stats. I was amazed that the finger prick was actually painless (setting of #3 for depth). I am now a “veteran!” I am especially happy with the little carrying case and neatly laid out instruments and such inside.

Danny G.

Very happy with this. This kit was perfect to get me started so I could figure out what my blood sugar was doing. There can be a little variation in the readings, but that is with any monitor. The price was excellent for this, it came with everything needed, and is easy to use. I have a family history of diabetes and was worried I was starting to have blood sugar problems. Thanks to this little monitor I believe I caught my blood sugar issues long before it would be diagnosed by a dr. The drs have even recently said my blood sugar was fine, but I was having symptoms of blood sugar problems. With the help of this Ive been able to change my diet to control my blood sugar. I feel a lot better now.

Megan F.

More than what I expected for the price. At this price point this was more than I expected to get. It works great, large screen to read, compact carrying case. I was pleasantly surprised.


Excellent lancing device.  Excellent lancing device. Very well made. Spring mechanism is very solid. I haven’t had any issue drawing blood with this device. A suggestion to improve this device would be that instead of having a cap that unscrews like most caps on a bottle, that it instead be a simple half twist in one direction. I’ve had a few times where I’ve put the cap back on and it didn’t align properly. Overall this is a lancing device that I would buy again.


The Best! This is the absolute best lancing device I have ever used. I bought an extra in case I lose this one. I don’t want to have to go back to one of the many I purchased previously.