On Call® Vivid
Advanced System for Better Care

Specially designed to make quality testing Easy and Accurate

Back light and strip port light

Fast and accurate results

No coding is required

Stores up to 500 tests

On Call Vivid Test Strips
All On Call Vivid meters are compatible with On Call Vivid test strips. The strips feature:

  • Small sample size – 0.8µL
  • Individually packaged strip with 24-month shelf life
  • No coding for fast results
  • Accurate and reliable results

Active Hematocrit Correction Technology (AHC)
Active Hematocrit Correction (AHC) Technology allows blood glucose testing with very high or very low (20%) hematocrit levels.


  • High Hematocrit level (51-65%) in the neonatal blood and low glucose concentrations (20-80 mg/ml) in the neonatal blood.
  • Low Hematocrit level (33% or lower) in anemic patients’ blood which might contain a low blood hematocrit level.

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